Working 1-1 With Kaysha

Kaysha Ubrani

You are unhappy and have a lack in your life. Helping you overcome that lack is my promise to you.

Life, Relationship And Business Coaching

Every Problem Has A Solution

Can I ask you something? Will you answer it truthfully?
Get out a piece of paper and write down some of your reflections for this exercise.

Examine your day to day life for a couple of minutes. Look at where you spend most of your time, look at what you spend most of your time thinking about and look at what you spend most of your time actually doing. This is where all of your energy goes so examine very, very closely. Get precise, add it all up. Now let me ask you, What do your answers look like to YOU?

Are YOU satisfied with your answers? Are you living a life that is aligned with what you really want to experience? Are you not holding back? Are you diving into your life? Do you feel ALIVE? Do you feel that you are experiencing all parts of you?
Let’s do one more exercise.

Aside from taking care of your children, your partner, your home, your pets, your family members, how do you take care of you? Like, truly take care of you. The YOU that feels, the YOU that desires, the You that is wild, the YOU that creates, the YOU that dances to life’s music, the You that is full of energy, the YOU that knows your worth, the You that knows your power, the YOU that is hidden away.


If you are not satisfied with your own answers, reach out to me. Let’s chat about how I can help you give yourself more permission in life.


Are We A Good Fit?

Not every life coach is perfect for every person. I have two main sticking points when it comes to choosing my clients:- 1. ARE YOU ABLE TO ACCEPT HELP? 2. DO YOU HAVE THE RIGHT ENERGY?

Life Coaching

Our souls have through lifetimes made many choices - some positive and some negative. All souls are unique and each soul is blessed with a divine gift- an inherent ability its good at. Learn to unlock your divine gifts and embrace it. I work with all aspects of your life from relationships to finances.

Business Coaching

When there is a energetic misalignment in the business, some part of the business doesn't work. Your business should be a true representation of your divine gifts and experiences, and when that isn’t properly aligned – there will be problems in your business.


What Is Soul Realignment?

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