Hi, I Am Kaysha Ubrani

Perosnally, I am… a wife to a supportive man. A good friend to some inspiring, kick-ass women. A mama to two very challenging teenagers, Rivaa and Aarav. An aunt. A sister. A daughter. I used to dream of a job which made me feel passionately compelled to help and also allowed me to work from anywhere in the world. And now I have it.  I value freedom, honesty and  compassion and in that particular order.

Professionally, I am… a certified success coach helping women (and you would be surprised quite a few men) improve, heal or release their struggling relationships. I am also a certified advanced soul realignment practitioner – where I intuitively clear the blocks in your life, especially in your relationships. I combine logic and intuition and of course my 20 years of “relationship experience” to advise women on their next step when they are in dire need of a solution. With these skills, I have developed a relationship institute called Doctor Aphrodite which offers women a transformational business programme foe who to uplevel their lives, relationships and businesses.