About Kaysha

Having my ancestral roots in undivided India (Sindh), grown up in sunny Singapore and currently spending my time between Kuala Lumpur, Scotland and London, I truly feel like a cosmopolite. 

I used to dream of a job which made me feel passionately compelled to help and also allowed me to work from anywhere in the world. And now I have it. I value freedom, honesty and compassion and in that particular order.

Professionally, I am an intuitive life coach helping women (and you would be surprised quite a few men) improve, heal or release their struggling life problems.

Using various intuitive modalities, logic and my 4 decades of life experiences. I help my clients navigate their lives better and to live a life of alignment with their soul purpose. 

I plan to start an NGO someday to help women get financial independence so that they will be empowered to live a life by design, not default.

My Mission

To enable women tap into their intuition and learn skills for their personal growth and self healing.

Learn Continually- There Is Always One More Thing To Learn

Kaysha Ubrani