Services I Offer

Soul Realignment

We are all supposed to be truly happy and abundant. It’s our birthright. When we were created, we were divine and had full access to the vital force energy of the Creator. So why is there lack and unfulfillment now? The answer lies on a soul level.

Come live more fully from your true self, your divinity. This clearing work is VERY powerful, transformative and healing. You will find peace and a positive view on things. You will feel like you know the most important soul level information about yourself.  This  will help you realize who you really are, why you have had some life-long problems, and how much freedom of choice you really can have now.  It will make decision making easy since you have better access to vital source energy!”

Relationship Analysis

Insight into relationships is something we can all seek.  This reading opens the records for two people and encourages them to regard each other from a soul perspective  through deepening their understanding of why they have chosen to experience each other and knowing the blocks  in the relationships.  This can be a stand alone reading but is often really useful following the full soul alchemy process.  In this reading the soul profiles of both parties will be undertaken.  The past lives that you have shared will be explored. This reading will be emailed to you.

Financial Analysis

Set your financial goal for the month and remove the vibrational misalignments associated with it. We all have misalignments due to our attitudes of lack or just the relationship we have with money. If you are not satisfied with living a mediocre life and don’t want settle for less than the best of everything, do this and make it happen. Highly effective.

Problem Solving

A problem solving reading can be done for any issues that you are having in your life at this present moment that you would like clarity on and clearing.  For this reading you will need to email everything that is going on in your life that you need to address even little things that cause you concern. The reading will get to the root cause of every concern and clear the blocks. You will have homework to conduct at the 3rd dimension, so that the clearing is brought into your everyday consciousness.

Property Analysis

Properties also have their own energetic record. They can accumulate negative energy over the years and attract energy. This reading offers a comprehensive review of what difficulties if any are in your home and this is then energetically cleared

 If you are engaged in any kind of energy clearing work, spiritual development activities or have had a success soul realignment reading you may find that your energy vibration no longer matches that of your property and things just “don’t feel quite right” at home anymore. This reading will be emailed to you.


Business Realignment

A business is an energetic entity.  All businesses are basically the same. It doesn’t matter how big the business is but energetically all businesses are the same. When there is a energetic misalignment in the business, some part of the business is definitely has energies not matched. Your business should be a true representation of your divine gifts and an embodiment of your experiences, and when that isn’t properly aligned – there will be problems in your business. There will definitely be a lack of abundance.

This reading covers a general analysis of the business to see how congruent or incongruent it is to your desired financial intention. I will need your basic business information and realistic intended financial intention.